We are Storytellers not Simply "writers".

Calling ourselves “writers” is too nebulous a term. It does little to describe or even mention what it is that we actually do.

We create stories. And not only do we create these stories but we communicate these stories to audiences.

The fact that we transmit our stories, via the written word, printed on paper or computer screens or translated into moving images called “movies” or otherwise dramatized on the stage by “actors” is largely irrelevant.

The key factor of our profession is the Conception, Design, Development and Composition of our Stories.

We are storytellers; first and foremost.

Which revelation, interestingly enough, places the creation and transmission of the story at the center of our profession rather than the scribbling, or keyboard pecking that people refer to as “writing”.

Story is the product of our enterprise while “writing” is something that one does to hopefully arrive at that vaulted final product – A Story.

And not just any story but; “Fantastic, well written stories that dazzles audiences.”

Write On,

Richard A. McCullough

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